Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I do wonder

Quote- my mom: You can never finish studying something.
Extremely true.

I think she meant we shouldn't be laxed and stop reading something, but as I grow up, I interpret it differently as "we can never stop learning in life" (which is the less kiasu version). :P

The first 5 years in medschool is all theory and exams (with some practical lessons) but the final year is purely about the state exams, a.k.a. the exams which will determine whether or not you are going to be a doctor. 

As my journey here is nearing it's end, I start to wonder. Among many things, I wonder if I would keep in touch with any of my current batchmates. Everyone will go their separate ways and have a life of their own. And so will I.

Photo credit to the wonderful Eizzati. This is us being on the helipad in the faculty hospital for the first time. I am second from the right~

I wonder if I would have a good working life. I wonder about postings and internship and stuff. Is it too early though, because I am still far from getting my title? I guess I will just take one step at a time...

2 more final exams till 5th year ends! I'm crossing all crossable body parts lol.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Uh..hello again.

I have been ill-treating my blog since last year. I just lost all will to write up things and when I start drafting, words just seem contrived (trust me, I have a whole lot of drafts I wouldn't want the world to see..). It takes a lot of courage to post something up because all words can and will be used against you. So I was choosing to remain silent for awhile.

Which is why I admire those bloggers who can put up radical comments and constantly post ridiculously fabulous selfies. Which is why I am a medical student and they are power bloggers.

That said, today seem to be a better day so let me update you (especially you, mum) on my schedule this year. Those who are not interested may click away now.

Yes, welcome to the Faculty of Examinations.

So far I took some of the first possible dates for the first 4 exams, and got through them. I will be sitting for the Forensics exam this Wednesday! Next will either be Oncology or Infectious diseases, depending on when the professors will arrange the dates. I will leave Surgery up till June to have at least a month of hardcore studying. That will also come in handy for my state exams next year anyways. 

Besides the examinations, we also have to work on 4 projects: 
1. Presentation for an elective subject in Gynaecology
2. Group work (health proposal) for Hygiene
3. Group work for social medicine 
3. Thesis/ research scrapbook for Preventive medicine

Referring to 2 & 3. I'm sure everyone feels the same way.
Another friend was saying "doctors need to work together". True, but you can't rely a 100% on someone else!

Recently the doctors were bombarding us with "back-to-basics" like membranes and muscles of the lower back, eponymous signs like de Musset's or Quincke's, minute vasculatures of the uterus, and such. It is ridiculous to have to read everything at once, especially when you have pending exams coming up. Can't blame them though, just showing you what a specialist is made of. 

Obviously the 5th year is not all cupcakes and unicorns, but you can manage if you follow the simple rule of not giving up and just pushing through one bit at a time. Even after the exams are done, I will have to catch up on things from the previous years. It will be a busy summer for me.

Signing off!~

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Bali (part 2)

I was surprised my legs were not boycotting me as I woke up next day (after the intensive beach workout).  

Sis and I decided why not take it easy and go tour some of the northern parts of Bali with a hired driver. And so we did. We walked about Seminyak and found a random counter which offers daily tours (these are so cheap, and basically a must when you want to cover many places in a day). 

side note: Yes, our plan was to go all-out on an intensive cultural exposure tour and then chill for the rest of the trip. 

The guy (Wayan) was friendly, and using our girly wiles polite ways, we bargained our way for an 8-hour tour somewhere from 450,000 rupiah to just 400k. Thats like approx RM120 for two! And lucky us, we got a really nice driver and a spacious Toyota Innova all to ourselves. *squeeeees*

But tbh, we started our tour at about 10 am and it ended at 7++pm so that was more than 9 hours. I love that we could customize the trip with our driver and skip the unnecessary bits (not the case with most pre-arranged agency tours). 

We opted for: Art villages (just Batik painting, wood carving and fine arts) enroute Ubud--> Lunch at a Warung Dewa Malen --> Ubud town/ Sukawati art market--> Tanah Lot --> back to our hotel

and it roughly looks like this:

First stop is a Batik/ fabric arts centre. We got to witness some live action. With no idea of how much souvenirs are supposed to be, we skipped the purchasing part (since we will still go to Sukawati later).  

We were taking our sweet time pretending to purchase art for our "Boss" because they were all so ogle-worthy and expensive at the same time, we couldn't stare long without being rude for not buying anything.

I don't know if our driver would have gotten any commissions if we made a purchase but I felt somewhat sorry for the guy for all the waiting. He was extremely patient and even while driving, he would entertain all our questions. Enthusiastic he was about Bali, it's language, festivals, hierarchy and such that we all got into a forum-like conversation reminiscent of travel channel's Discover Bali or something.

As an excerpt of our conversation:

Sis: I keep hearing Wayans and Mades around. Is it a common name?
Driver: Well, the Balinese males are named by the order of which they are born: Wayan (eldest), Made (second), Nyoman (third), Ketut (fourth).

Me: I saw adverts by the road saying "Dicarikan karyawan". In Malaysia, karyawan is a novelist/author.
Driver: *lols* Karyawan means a waiter, or a worker for a shop. Basically.... (goes on about occupations in Bali)

Me: I read about the Hari Menyepi. What is the day about?
Driver: It is a special celebration where everyone just stays in and not work or even on a lamp. You would be fined if you are caught wondering in the streets!

I just can't praise this guy enough.

After our somewhat artsy fartsy morning, we stopped by Warung Dewa Malen for lunch and invited our driver to join us. :)

The view was stunning as it was drizzling by the paddy fields.

I tried a drink called Arak, a local aperitif with lemon grass and lime. Pretty neat if you ask me~

We also finally got our dose of itik (Bebek Betutu) and sate lilit. This is highly recommended!

For all veges out there, Gado Gado/nasi campur is probably the perfect platter. I personally (am a meatarian but) love the rolled cabbage with satay sauce. 

We finally reach Ubud after the long series of winding roads, an array of terraced paddy fields, and a funeral procession causing a roadblock. We checked out the fancy little shops, Sukawati art market and Royal Palace.

Things are seriously overpriced here and I would personally recommend buying ole oles from Tanah Lot instead (read further).

Ubud's Royal Palace. No entry tho.

It was around 4pm when we reunited with our driver again. "Just in time for sunset at Tanah Lot," he claims.

And right he was.

The place was flocked with tourists like us. 
There were also surfers, musicians and kite-flyers. 

The water temple is reachable by foot, before the tide rises and surrounds it, forming an island. Stunning!

We could not resist camwhoring x1230974101 times.

You know I am not a melancholic person but this was seriously breathtaking. Or maybe I am. T^T

The other water temple (background).
I could just sit there and read a book all day or something. 

Sis checking out the more affordable souvernirs at one of the shops in Tanah Lot. Do your haul at those huge shops like Ole Ole Bali, Matahari or something. You can get all the choices under one roof!

Okay, just one more before the sun sets. 

We were quite exhausted (from just strolling, conversing with our driver and chilling basically) by the time we reached our hotel. And I bet our driver was wayyy more exhausted so we paid the remainder of the tour fees plus tips, bade him good-bye and hopped off.

That night we opted for the silliest but probably one of the best things we did during the journey:
We walked to the nearest mart and picked up some Indonesian cup noodles + ice coffees and snacks, cooked em, and sat at the beach for our priceless dinner.

The sea breeze, the view of planes landing at Denpasar and the soft mix of jazz and RNB in background completes our day, really. Simply perfect.

Friday, February 28, 2014

And so I aced Internal Meds..

The professor was impressed and signed an excellent into my credit book.
I got that going for me, which is nice.

All is well until I started worrying about state exams, practicals and the future, basically. My internal dilemma is killing me, I tell you. It is my forte to complicate simple things and worry ALOT. I kid you not, I should start on anti-aging soon (also, my birthday just passed....).

So basically this whole scholarship thing is not a train we take and ride till the final destination. There are reroutes and a couple of hiccups here and there. My greatest undoing is probably admin stuff/ paperworks like applying to get a placement anywhere. I guess I am not as independent as I hoped to be. I had to renew the visa, passport, insurance, ..among many things, which is all fine.

This is how the system works here: You can apply for pre-state internship anywhere in the world as long as you get the documents signed and be back to sit for the exams when the time comes. I know it ain't rocket science but should I opt for internship in another place, that will require:
1. research
2. application
3. acceptance of application
4. settling my accommodation
5. printing heaps of cash
in it's simplest breakdown. In reality though, I can expand each number to it's glorious complexity-- yes, put in the safety factor, language barriers, travel time, etc into consideration: Bye bye my sweet, elaborate, ambitious plan.

That, my friend, is how wretched my brain is.

If only I can get a personal manager to settle all the thinking for me. Oh well. I shall get back to reading a gazillion things online, doing some research, getting my hygiene and preventive medicine thesis done, preparing my presentation for an elective subject I was forced to sign up for, revise forensic medicine, try not to think about the other 3 upcoming finals, and at the same time try to chill.

-whiny bitch mode.